Welcome to The Honey Bee & the Hound Cut Flower Farm.


We are an urban, micro-farm in Corpus Christi, Texas sustainably growing specialty cut flowers: from seed to the center of your table.

We hope to increase awareness of American flower farmers who are reducing the carbon footprint attached to the floral industry by offering locally grown flowers as an alternative to wholesale-bought flowers coming mainly from Central and South America. Unless you know the farm where your flowers come from, you could be buying & supporting flowers grown in another country, shipped to the USA tariff free thanks to the Andean Trade Preference Act of 1991, laced with chemical pesticides and fertilizes sprayed at an unregulated rate and flowers that have been grown and cut by child labor. 

We are a military family who is working hard to put down roots in the beautiful coastal bend of south Texas!

We use an “organic” method of farming which reduces the use of gas-powered machinery by hand-working the garden and soil. This keeps the first six inches of soil undamaged which allows the beneficial insects and microbes to live and work in the soil to our advantage. We also work hard to grow our flowers without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. For this (and many other reasons), our plants stay fresher longer and have colors (and sometimes fragrance) that are more vibrant than would be seen (or smelled) from any wholesaler in the country.

We believe that flowers spread happiness and we grow not only seasonal flowers, but we specifically grow heirloom-type flowers to induce the memories that one may have of their mother or grandmother’s gardens when growing up.

We believe in sharing our flowers with the native pollinators who need them to survive. Typically, a flower that has been pollinated begins to end its life cycle believing that it has performed all of the duties needed to satisfy its life cycle: reproduction. Because of this, flowers need to be cut before they are pollinated so that they have a long vase life. We have provided numerous wildflower meadows among our flowers so that if we do harvest flowers before the pollinators have a chance to eat, they can always find flowers growing that we will not take from them. We invite "good bugs" to our garden to defend against "bad bugs" which helps us to maintain our choice of not using chemicals in the gardens. We plant for the spring as early as possible so that we may provide thousands of foliage-nectar-rich plants to feed the "good bugs" before the "bad bugs" even have a chance to find our gardens.

Being a steward of the land is our priority. 



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