Summer for The Honey Bee & the Hound

   Summer in Corpus Christi was most likely not the best time to begin planting our gardens. After acquiring the vacant lot in mid-April, by the time it got fully planted, the rains began in May. It rained for days! And the seeds sprouted, but had been washed completely away from our designated growing rows. 

   My Grandmother, Eleanor, passed away peacefully in May after her six year battle with cancer. Chris and I went home to Pennsylvania for a week to spend time with the family. 

   When we returned to south Texas, I began planting seeds while thinking of my Grandmother and what an incredibly talented gardener she was. I was searching for seeds of flowers that she always had in her gardens and I began growing them so that I could see something to allow me reflect on the beautiful memories I have of her. 

   After a very late start to planting, I began harvesting flowers from the lot by the second week of July. Since regularly harvesting, the second half of the lot has also been planted to 100% capacity. In the next month we can expect sunflowers, new varieties of celosia, amaranth, cosmos and a few other surprises for your bouquets!


   At the end of September we are beginning our first CSA offer which will be such a fun treat to share the gorgeous fall flowers and edibles that come from our patch of land.