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I began orchid growing as a hobby when I was in high school. I was fascinated with their beauty and believed I was growing as a horticulturist with each new orchid I could bloom. After college, I began an internship with Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida where I began extensively learning about growing orchids from hand-pollination to seed pod collection to flasking & de-flasking to growing seedlings and to blooming.

I left Naples to move to London, England where I began working at Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens. At Kew, my orchid specialty began. I worked in The Palm House and The Princess of Wales Conservatory caring for orchids on display. I learned about regulating an environment in a greenhouse so that orchids could live in bloom anywhere in the world. When my internship was over in London, I moved back to South Florida and took a job as the orchid house supervisor at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. 

Today I have over five hundred orchids in my private collection in Corpus Christi.